News: Sponsoring Chinese Literature Festival 2014

LiveTranslate is sponsoring Chinese Literature Festival 2014!

The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia has organized the 13th Malaysian Chinese Literature Festival 2014. In conjunction with it, LiveTranslate, the online translation service, has designed and sponsored the very first LRT Poetry project in Malaysia.

The Chinese Literature Festival runs from July to November 2014. More than 20 NGOs are participating. The event promotes Malaysian Chinese literature, with the theme this year being "Beyond Boundaries". It aims to encourage cross-cultural, cross-platform and mutual understanding among Malaysians - writers, artists and public included.

From September 15 - December 15, 2014, overhead banners with poetry are displayed in RapidKL LRT promoting the festival. Passengers will immerse in a literary atmosphere. Throughout the journey, passengers will get the chance to read the beautiful poetries written by Malaysian Chinese authors, translated into Malay by experienced translators.

A press conference was held on September 29, 2014. Madam Tan Tat Chin (Chairman of the Cultural Committee), Mr. Chiew Ruoh Peng (Executive Director of The Name Technology Sdn. Bhd.), and Mr. M Azahari bin Edin (Chief of the Division of The National Language Development for Multi-races of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka), presented their speeches at the press conference.

Among the many poems, 6 were handpicked from established Malaysian Chinese poets. They are Woon Swee-tin's "Bird of Paradise", Ho Nai Kin's "Echo", Tian Si's "Bridge of Hearts", Yew Chuan's "Persistence", Wu An's "Poetry on the Shield", and "Greetings, Malaysia" by Poh Seng Titt. The poems are chosen based on the theme of unity, harmony, patriotism, love and life values.

LiveTranslate encourages passengers to snap and share the banners to social media, and hashtag it with "#SajakLRT". Visit for more updates.

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LRT Poems

1. Burung Syurga
Burung Syurga - click to enlarge

2. Gema Suara
Gema Suara - click to enlarge

3. Jambatan Hati
Jambatan Hati - click to enlarge

4. Ketabahan Hati
Ketabahan Hati - click to enlarge

5. Puisi Pada Perisai
Puisi Pada Perisai - click to enlarge

6. Salam Kepada Malaysia
Salam Kepada Malaysia - click to enlarge